New disruptive
SaaS platform

claiming territory in the real estate market

The first project based on the UNIIO platform was launched on the Danish market, autumn 2015. Four of the biggest financial institutions acquired the platform and launched it under the brand name Bolighed.


But why?

The typical players in the marketplace - mortgage lenders, brokers and realtors - are under pressure. No one has really been able to rethink the industry and meet the increasing demand among real estate owners for transparency and empowerment. Until now, that is.

Over the last 2 years, we have developed, tested and commercialized a new digital platform that will disrupt old dogmas and trigger new business models. What Facebook has meant to our social life and LinkedIn to our professional life, is now what UNIIO will mean to our ‘real estate life’.

How we create value? 

The UNIIO platform collects and aggregates all available data on all homes. The platform monitors, gathers and presents data to empower homeowners.

Presenting also the most advanced Home Value calculator ever available based on real time data and activity in the local area.

Finally, we give homeowners the opportunity to test the potential buyer interest of their homes before putting them officially up for sale. And not the least, empowers home owners and potential buyers to have a private dialogue with no middle-part participating.

monitor behaviour
  • Activate home owners
    before they move 
Disruptive tools
  • Retain customers and
    increase loyalty 
  • The perfect platform
    for new bizz. 

Great traction

Bolighed in Denmark

The first project is up and running on the Danish market and has shown a high level of traction. Backed by both PR activities, digital and social effort and classic TV-based advertising, Bolighed have experienced great interest and traction.

Apart from a significant number of unique visitors and registered users, onsite time consumption is skyrocketing. The interest for this kind of service among home owners and potential home owners is big and has the potential to redefine the market and mechanisms.

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The team

david beckmann
CEO, founder

niels ranum
CMO, partner

david jacob jensen
IA/UX, partner

tobias happel
UI/UX, partner

Rico Tijsen
Lead developer

Mads Bjerre
iOS Developer

Malthe Borch
Lead architect

Jesper Kring
Strategy, investor

Per Mikael Jensen
Internationalisation, Media

Internationalisation, Investor

Relations, Investor

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